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Lesbian Smell Fetish Creepers with Blair Winters - Full Length Scene

Description: Blair Winters and I sure do love to sniff! We sexy sniffers first enjoy smelling solo as I spy Blair’s abandoned shoes full of sweat and her personal scents. Next, Miss Winters finds her own goldmine in the form of my used butt plug. After we’ve both had a shot at solo masturbation with our scented pleasures, we join forces to smell the sources and have a blast indulging our smell fetishes together. Purchase the full clip for a discount. Includes the following kinky scenes: Foot Fetish - Masturbating with Blair Winters' Sweaty Shoes I’ve let myself in to Blair Winters’ place, and see she has left her shoes unattended. I don’t know if she’s home, but my initial sniff tells me I’ve stumbled upon a stinky shoe goldmine! I’ve been wondering how her shoes smell, and they smell terrific! I can’t help myself, so I sniff both of her black stilettos. Her sweaty shoes are such a turn on, I decide to make the most of my solitude and rub myself with one shoe while sniffing the other. I don’t even bother to remove my clothes or thick-heeled shoes; her shoes feel so good rubbed right into my black thong. I’m in sensory overload with the scent of her sweaty feet combined with my pussy aroma. Once I’ve had my way with her shoes, I’m off to find her; this shoe stench is fresh, so she must be home! Masturbation - Dirty Socks and Butt Plug with Blair Winters Blair Winters has stumbled upon an aromatic treasure trove when she sees my recently used butt plug, pussy-scented panties and dirty socks. Taking advantage of this smelly mess, Blair pulls down her jean shorts and smells the goodies while rubbing her snatch. She tastes the flavor of ass left on the black butt plug; this enchanting ebony is so turned on by all things ass! The female flavors on the panties do not go to waste either, because Blair is mad for the scent of her roomie’s pussy. Foot-smelling socks are also a treat, and Blair rubs their sweaty stench over her pussy in this display of a smell fetishist hard at play. Lesbian - Sniffing with Blair Winters When home alone, Blair and I are never bored! We are both into the same things, and one of them is our fetish for natural scents. I love smelling her shoes, feet, pussy and ass. Today I get a real treat when I finish smelling her shoes. I find her in my room sniffing my butt plug and panties, and get to smell her foot odor firsthand. There is a plethora of smells between us, so we go on a spirited journey exploring each other’s scents. Smelling our pussies is our favorite, and we take the opportunity to lavish in our pretty pusses before deciding to take the party to her room to seek out some dirty toys she has neglected to clean after using.


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