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Farting - Bedroom Domination with Blair Winters - Full Length Scene

Description: Dirty boys always get what they deserve, and today Blair Winters and I are making our ass sniffer’s dick and face smell like our farts! Double-teaming him and depriving him of fresh air is a blast, and he does get a bit of a treat when it’s my mouth around his dick instead of my stinky ass. Purchase the full clip for a discount. Includes the following kinky scenes: Farting - Farting on Face and Dick with Blair Winters Blair and I were a little gassy so we thought what better than to treat our guy friend to our rancid winds! Blair reared her bouncy booty in his face while I saddled my white ass on his cock. In between our sulfurous gusts we bounce with joy on his face and dick, making this experience a lasting one hopefully in his mind! The farts back and forth between Blair and I were horrific, to the point where we both have to wave our hands in front of our faces to get the smell away. Trust me, I've smelt plenty a fart! Oh boy, his stomach must have been churning! Farting - Face Sitting and Blowjob Blair and I have found a man who really likes girl farts. Nothing makes his dick harder than two sexy girls plying him with poots. Donning adorable pink booty shorts, Blair sits on his face to lay it on thick while I use my handiwork on his dick. He’s tasting all her juicy farts that are filtered through those shorts. Continuing to taste his farted-on dick while stroking it, I know he’s loving this hand to gland action while consuming Blair’s combustibles as she smothers his face. He’s not complaining about the smell and loves it, but I’m tasting my farts on his dick. Stale air is filling the room! Before we’re finished, he’ll be warned not to shower for the next day so that our combined scents linger.


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