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About Kelsey Obsession

Hello and welcome to The Temple of Female Filth! To learn more about the site itself, scroll on down. If you’d like to learn a little more about Kelsey, click here or scroll down a little further!

About The Site:

Welcome to where me and my kinky friends fetishize every inch of our curvaceous bodies - from our sweaty feet to our flatulent fannies to our pink slobbery mouths. Worship at the altar of the deliciously dirty female form, bathing in the stink and the stickiness of our physical, primal filth.


and nutritious!
It wasn’t always my lifelong dream to create the Temple of Female Filth, but life can lead us to funny places - if we let it! As I describe in greater detail below, I started this site in 2009 to explore and understand both my sexuality and yours. I had no agenda regarding what to film, so long as my co-stars and I were comfortable, consenting, and communicating I put few limits on what fun we might have. I filmed a variety of kinks, and after a few years saw a pattern to both what was most popular and most fun for me to film…and those fetishes happened to center on the female body, its delightfully delicious parts and necessary natural functions. For the last several years, I’ve been exclusively filming videos on the themes of mouth fetish, throat fetish, armpit fetish, belly fetish, ass worship, panty fetish, foot fetish, real orgasms, spitting, bad breath, sweating, burping, peeing, farting, (simulated) toilet slavery and other kinks in the neighborhood.

Once upon a time...

Alice Frost ate my foot!
From head to toe, there is no part of a woman’s body that at least someone won’t find enticingly erotic. What I love most about these fetishes is that they turn many of our ideas about beauty on their head. Women aren’t "supposed" to burp or fart, to stink and sweat, to $hit and piss. Many would prefer if you never knew they did! Ladies spend millions of dollars each year on products designed to cover up the real, raw humanness of their bodies - from mouthwashes to deodorants, body sprays to scented tampons, lotions and potions to flavored lubes - its as if we’ve culturally come to fear our embodiment, that the body should be pristinely pure - perhaps plastic - with no trace of our more animalistic sides. This is even more pronounced for women than men, for whom narrowly defined beauty is seen as a value in and of itself. In some ways, this is a feminist project, though I wouldn’t exactly call this site "feminist porn." It tickles me to challenge what’s seen as beautiful, to discover sensual and erotic ways of looking at what we typically consider strange, gross or disgusting.

What's up?

Shot by Rick Garcia
In my own life, I can see how these norms have both affected my self esteem and limited my sexual expression. Its difficult to enjoy someone going down on you, while you’re worried your vagina is ugly or smells bad. Its hard to let go, to surrender to the passion of the moment, when you’re scared of what you’ll look like if you get "too" into it, not to mention sweating and smelling from all that effort. Its a challenge to feel much of anything if you’re terrified your partner is judging everything that’s less than perfect about your body, from your morning breath to your cellulite to the fart that accidentally slipped out when you sneezed (true story). Were these fears based in reality? Sometimes yes, often - I now imagine - no. When I started embracing the "dirtier" side of myself, letting it be okay that showering isn’t my #1 personal priority like it is for some, discovering that I actually like some of my own natural scents, and allowing my partner to worship my body not fresh out of the shower, but instead after a jog - ironically I started feeling more beautiful than after all the times I spent hours meticulously grooming. I began to relax, and redefine my own sense of beauty, and have had some of the best sex of my life in moments when my looks would never win a pageant if I tried.

Is female filth everyone’s cup of tea? Of course not! But for those who love it, you’ve found a place where a woman’s primal reality is not only welcome, but celebrated. Come join the stew!

About Kelsey

Hi, I’m Kelsey Obsession and welcome to my weird* little corner of the internet. I never felt I was normal, sexually or otherwise, and when I discovered the world of fetish porn I knew a piece of me finally had a place to explore, play and learn.

My baby Mish-Mish

His name means 'apricot' in Hebrew
In many ways, I’m not your "typical" adult model**. I grew up with severe social phobia and always had difficulties relating to people. I was the straight-A perfectionist who volunteered, got college scholarships and kept VERY busy with professional internships. I was in many ways, the quintessential "good girl" on the outside. Yet what nobody knew was just how desperately I was screaming on the inside for as long as I can remember.

Sex only seemed to compound my social problems. My early experiences consisted of me playing "normal," trying to fit myself into the confusing and often contradictory box of "acceptable" female sexuality — and failing miserably. Having little information aside from women’s magazines (in the 90s, best known for their "10 tricks to drive him wild in bed!" articles of little substance) and websites I’d sneak around to stay up late reading like GoAskAlice, I concluded something was inherently wrong with me. I kept my problems shamefully to myself — which, I should add, ironically just increased the shame itself! I was cute, for sure, but sex was so hit-or-miss for me that on the whole, I wasn’t that much fun naked. I once guilted an ex-boyfriend into deleting his XXX collection off his computer (back in the day before smart phones!), if that gives you any idea. Antidepressants and birth control pills, both known to significantly affect sex drive, certainly didn’t help either!

Eventually I found myself in graduate school and was introduced to feminism, where I discovered I was hardly the only woman who struggled with her sexuality. Feminism was instrumental, yet also confusing, as there exists almost as much judgment in certain circles of "women’s empowerment" as in the world at large. Nonetheless, I developed a sense that sexuality was indeed important and worth spending my time learning (and unlearning the negativity), that my body was my home subject to no one else’s desires or rule, and that pleasure was my birthright just as much as any guy’s. I decided to focus my studies on sexuality, gender and health in hopes I’d make sense of my experience and could eventually help others.


Electric Daisy Carnival
There was just one problem… I could read and study all day but it didn’t automatically translate into a physical, embodied difference in my sexual experiences. As someone who lived mostly in her head and didn’t even realize there was another way, this was a confusing and frustrating time. Then, within about one year, I got off antidepressants***, started experimenting sexually in a more conscious way, and met my husband Terry - a very open minded and non-judgmental guy who runs fetish sites such as FartFantasy and LesbianAssWorship. I started this site in 2009 as a way to explore myself, to have fun with him and other women, and to learn about sex in a hands on, real-world sort of way. While many of the fetishes I began filming were completely new to me, I quickly became excited by the creative opportunity to find pleasure in my fans’ requests, discover new preferences, and express some erotic themes I’d long kept buried in the depths of my own dirty mind.

My one rule was to stay within my own comfort zone, which I discovered due to my education, was quite broad. I took the stance that so long as it didn’t make me feel icky, why not give it a try? I’d ask myself, if I had a boyfriend or girlfriend into this fetish, would I be willing to play along with them? So long as nobody is getting hurt, where’s the problem, aside from a lack of social acceptability? And am I, with my own share of perverted fantasies, so different from those who are watching my videos? While I needed to make money, of course, I vowed never to compromise my experience for money**** - that’s not what this adventure was about!

On vacation

in Jamaica!
There have been ups and downs, of course, yet over 7 years later my sexuality and life more broadly have markedly improved. It continues to be the greatest learning experience of my life. I am learning how to communicate, both in the bedroom and outside, to express my wants and needs and to say no when I truly mean it. I am learning about my body, what feels good and what does not. I am learning empathy and compassion for the sexual struggles my viewers experience, a stark contrast to the anger I developed toward men in my early feminist days. I am learning responsibility, to take care of my needs, to measure my words more carefully for their impact and create the sort of life that makes me happiest despite social norms and expectations telling me otherwise. I am learning boundaries, to respect both my own and those around me. I am learning emotional intelligence and how to work through shame, which in certain forms, is the most insidious of human emotions. I am learning about the depths of the human psyche, about the meaning of fantasy and desire, both the light and the dark, in both you and I.

That's Dr. Kelsey now

I say all this in the present tense because the learning is always ongoing. Unlike the education system, where I spent much of my life prior, there is no end point to life’s learning. There are no tests to cram for, papers to frantically submit moments before due, and no semester to mark completion and shut down the brain. I may have finished my graduate degree but the process has only taught me how much, in many ways, I don’t know.

Mine's bigger than yours!
I am far from perfect and have made my fair share of mistakes along the way. This may, in fact, be the biggest lesson of all - learning to love myself at my worst has shown me the key to people isn’t to be who they want you to be, to fit anyone else’s mold. Rather, to truly get along with others, the secret is to honor your own weirdness and that of your loved ones, and to learn how to be that weirdo with them.

This might be a dirty, disgusting porn site, but to me its meant so much more. I would have never learned all this without you watching. Thanks for being part of my journey, and I only hope that this website can be anywhere near as meaningful to you as it has been for me!

I will leave you with these eloquent words from this powerful and poignant article, The Psychology of a Fart: I think we need to own our animalistic nature, not suppress it and be false selves. Being false leads to all kinds of mental and physical disorders. It is when we are true to ourselves and embrace all of ourselves, even our farts, that we become fully human.

* To me, weird is simply anything that’s not deemed "normal," and since what’s seen as normal in the world of sex is basically putting a penis inside a vagina (maybe a butt) or putting our genitals in each others mouths, preferably within a committed relationship or marriage, that makes most of what my friends and I have done on here - weird. (At the same time, I imagine if we added up all the fetishes and fantasies in the world that involve anything outside of this idea of normal, we’d actually find that most people are, in some way, not normal at all!) If you feel uncomfortable with my characterizing this site and the activities on it as "weird," please know that it is not meant as an insult to you or your fantasies in any way, and is simply a term I’ve come to embrace.

** Of course, this begs the question, who is the typical adult model? We all know the stereotype of the drug-addicted, desperate, shallow basket case with daddy issues who would rather be anywhere else in the world… and I’d be lying if I said I hadn’t met a few versions of this person along the way, though I wish I was. At the same time, I’ve met some of the most interesting, intelligent, self-respecting women in this industry, some even more "empowered" than your typical female at a "regular" job. They’re modern hippies, feminists, students, business owners, sometimes mothers. Due to the nature of the business, having few requirements for employment, and often paying in cash, of course those in a more dire situation are attracted to this field. And for those in that position, I have a great deal of empathy. Yet in my own experience, its perfectly possible to create a website featuring models who are able to hold an intelligent conversation (a must for myself, at least, to feel attraction), enjoy their work, and want to be there. So while I’m pointing out here how I’m not the [negative] stereotype, I’m hardly unique in that respect alone, and believe its far better to hear out someone’s story than sit back on an imaginary pedestal and judge.

*** I understand there are many reasons people use antidepressants, and do not judge anyone’s mental health choices. At the same time, I am highly critical of the pharmaceutical industry (I’d suggest looking at psychiatrist David Healy’s research if this interests you) and these sorts of medications as a one-size fits all approach to depression, particularly because chemically dampening one’s sexuality in many cases seems to be a recipe for poor mental health in itself! I got off birth control a couple years later, and experienced a similar surge of sexual energy I hadn’t ever felt prior. I also understand the reasons women use hormonal contraceptives, and am thankful they did their job for the time I took them. Yet I wish we had better understanding of more "natural" methods of birth control that did not interfere with a woman’s sexuality!

**** I started this site shortly after the 2008 Wall Street crash. At the time, I had a job and didn’t "need" the money, so unlike most businesses, I had the luxury of making it a secondary focus. Aside from covering expenses (porn DOES cost money to create!) I actually invested my earnings from the first couple years, as a buffer in case there was another crash (thankfully there was not!). In time, as this site became my sole livelihood, I did have to focus on money more than I did in the beginning. Because, like you, I enjoy having a place to live, food to eat and electricity to be able to type up things like this! Nonetheless, despite receiving a wide variety of proposals and requests, I’ve always stuck to my personal rule and have studied business models emphasizing ethics, service and "self care." Contrary to my previous beliefs, business doesn’t have to come with a "money over everything" attitude, and my feminist ideals never would have let me push myself beyond my sexual comfort zone for what were essentially strangers on the internet. There have been times I’ve even taken on debt when I was facing financial challenge, promising myself I would learn to run my business better, over engaging in sexual acts I had no desire to try. Rest assured, I’ve had fun in most everything I’ve shot, and if I didn’t, I simply chose not to do it again!