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Lesbian - Future

Description: We respect the amazing variations of what people find sexy, but Verta and I have come together to put our spin on what porn will look like if certain measures are imposed on the adult industry. There are already working regulations in place, so adding unnecessary and unsexy extras is nothing more than going to extremes. Purchase the full clip for a discount. Includes the following kinky scenes: Glove Fetish with Verta Taking unnecessary precautions is sexy, or is it? I’ll let you decide as Verta and I go to extreme measures to ensure our make-out session is cootie-free. First, we spread plastic wrap over the dry couch, since there could be random fluids lurking. Then we wear goggles and big rubber gloves to kiss and touch. Verta likes it when I suck on her rubber-covered fingers, so this is working for us. Kind of. Like they say, the bigger the glove, the better the protection. Lesbian - Future "Legal" California Porn Shoot If certain crusaders get their way, your porn is about to become as sexy as your workplace. Hot, right? Yeah, I don’t think so either. Despite mandatory testing and all other behind-the-scenes measures being taken to protect your favored adult industry performers, select fundamentalist entities seek to amend what has worked well for years. I’ve invited Verta to join me in an extra-safe hookup, replete with all the implements being touted by some as necessary in the porn industry. Even my amazing rubber fetish fans would agree - the future of porn stands to look a lot less sexy if and when these extremist regulations are passed.


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