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Farting - Fart Slave's Face Fart Assault with Amber Cream - Full Length Scene

Description: Amber and I were going to file into the bathroom to get rid of our farts after a fantastic lunch, but why waste the opportunity to share them with our fart slave? In jeans, we release our gassers on his face, and when that isn’t yielding the favorable reaction we’d like, we strip down to our panties to push poots in his mug! Purchase the full clip for a discount. Includes the following kinky scenes: Farting - Face Sitting on Fart Slave in Spandex with Amber Cream Amber Cream and I have some presents for our fart slave after we return from eating a generously sized lunch. Our bellies are full, and our asses are in need of release, so his face is the perfect receptacle for our farts! He loves sniffing up our farts, but since they are extra-rank, he’s not as excited as we’d like. I’m in stretchy jeans, and Amber is in sexy jean shorts, so it’s not as if the farts aren’t filtered to some degree, so why isn’t he being a better sport about it? Farting - Ass Smothering Fart Slave in Panties with Amber Cream Amber Cream and I are gassy and treating our fart slave to a fabulous fart treat. When he lacks enthusiasm for our gassers, we decide to take things a little bit beyond just sitting on his face - we plant our panty-covered asses on his nose and smother him! We work together like a fart tag-team, taking turns giving him our ass catastrophes as he acts as if he is not loving every minute. Now he’d better get to sniffing before we lose these panties as well! Farting - Face Sit on Fart Slave in Thong with Amber Cream I went out to lunch with Amber Cream, and we came home with a surplus of gas in our sexy asses. After treating our fart slave to our gas through jeans, he’s not as eager as we’d like, so maybe if we wiggle down to our thongs and sit on his face, he will better appreciate the stinky honks we have to release. We expect him to be a good toilet, as we have a lot to give. It’s been forever since we’ve been this gassy!


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