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Ass Worship - Amber Cream Smothering Bad Date - Full Length Scene

Description: How much can one guy handle? Amber Cream’s date disappointed her, and she is going to use her filthy ass to punish him with fart sniffing and eating before she proffers the ultimate insult, which is making him serve as her human toilet! Purchase the full clip for a discount. Includes the following kinky scenes: Farting - Amber Cream Face Sits in Spandex on Bad Date Amber Cream is beyond angry when her Internet date turns out to have lied about his height and dick size. She decides to exact revenge on behalf of herself and all the girls he has fucked over in the past. In sexy Spandex, sinister Amber takes a seat on this loser’s face and pushes farts out of her tush for him to smell. Her brand of justice is hardly conventional, but it makes her feel better! Farting - Amber Cream Sitting Bare Ass on Bad Date's Face When a guy ruins Amber Cream’s night, she ruins his! After sitting on his face in Spandex bottoms, so goes for it and sits bare-assed on his face to give him her farts in full force! The hapless chap is spitting and sputtering, as the stench is more than he can handle. Turns out, Amber is quite happy to serve up filthy servings of disgusting farts. She seems to get a kick out of this sort of kink! Ass Licking - Amber Cream Sit's on Bad Date's Face Amber Cream has more devious plans in mind when it comes to punishing her Internet date that showed up shorter than his dating profile stated and not well hung at all. She has farted in his face and made him smell it, but now she wants him licking her black ass while she blasts whoppers into his mouth and on his tongue. He can hardly breathe, but Miss Cream is not relenting any time soon! Toilet Slavery - Amber Cream Sitting on Her Bad Date's Face Chew it up, baby. That’s what Amber Cream tells her bound toilet slave as she pushes her nasty butt offerings into his mouth. She has made him sniff and worship her ass, and for her fierce finale she makes him serve as her human toilet. This guy is someone she met online, and when he disappointed her by not being who he said he was, she took it upon herself to really put the chap through the ringer. He had no clue what was in store for him when messing with this ebony femdom!


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