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Wedgies - Lazy Roommate Nikki Ford

Description: Nikki Ford is a TERRIBLE roommate. I walk in on her masturbating on the couch yet again. She claims there’s nothing else to do, even though she promised me she’d clean the dishes for the 5th time! The kitchen is so disgusting, its been 3 weeks since she first said she’d clean it. Not to mention she got fired from her job, NIkki’s got all the time in the world but doesn’t do $hit except rub her clit all fucking day. Sick of it, I pull Nikki up, turn her around and wedge her full bottom panties up her crack. Nikki can’t believe I’m giving her a wedgie, but I don’t know how else to get through to this girl! This is how my sisters used to t0rture me when I broke my promises, maybe that’s what Nikki needs - a good old-fashioned crack-deep wedgie. I pull so hard, I can hear parts of the elastic break! But Nikki still wants to whine and complain, so as I wedge those panties deep between her cheeks, I spank her ebony bubble butt reminding her of all the bullshit she’s put me through. “Borrowing” my credit card to join a bunch of porn sites, eating all the food I buy… this girl is LUCKY to be living with me and she takes it completely for granted! Finally Nikki promises she’s going to clean the kitchen right away so I let her go… But I’ll be back to see whether she kept her promise or if she broke it yet again…
Runtime: 03:00
Categories: Anal, Humiliation, Lesbian Domination
Tags: wedgies-lazyroommate_nikkiford-ka_
Views: 4560


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