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Toilet Fetish - Nadia Jay Toilet Torment - Full Length Scene

Description: Cheaters never win, but they do score a smelly session of fart smelling and ass cleaning! Nobody knows this better than Nadia Jay, who goes through the ringer when I catch her kissing another girl. She doesn’t fancy being human toilet paper, but I’m thinking this is going to teach her to not fancy other girls! Purchase the full clip for a discount. Includes the following kinky scenes: Farting - Teasing Nadia Jay with My Smells Nadia Jay has been unfaithful, and she does not know how I react to cheaters. When she’s had a skank’s tongue down her throat, I’m not taking it easy on her. I have led her into the bathroom where she can smell all the farts I am blasting into the toilet bowl. There is not a lot of square footage in this bathroom, so the smell really permeates the small space, giving this cheater the dirty punishment she deserves! Ass Licking - Nadia Jay Fart Toilet Paper Nadia Jay says she loves me, but it is hard to believe she was loving me when she was tonguing another girl! She has already been put through phase one of her punishment, now it is time for the second part of her retribution. After smelling my dirty farts, it’s time to clean my ass. And not with toilet paper! She is going to get her tongue into my ass and leave it in excellent condition. Nadia says she likes my other hole better, but she better lick my ass to a spotless state if she wants to taste my pussy ever again!


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