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Toilet Fetish - Neighbor Shae Spreadz' Clogged Toilet - Full Length Scene

Description: The way I met my new neighbor, Shae Spreadz, was unconventional. She had to use my bathroom after clogging her toilet, and after she made quite a ruckus in there, I entered the room to help her clean her ass since I was fresh out of toilet paper! She liked the feeling after balking a bit at first, and we became fast friends. Purchase the full clip for a discount. Includes the following kinky scenes: Farting - Neighbor Shae Spreadz Has a Broken Toilet In a case of a strange way to meet one’s neighbor, I met Shae Spreadz when she had clogged her own toilet and needed to find a pot to land on fast! How does one say no to that? I agreed to let her in, and from the sounds of it, what she did in my bathroom was rather messy and loud. Safe to assume it was stinky as well. This was as uncomfortable for me to listen to, as it must have been for her to do. There’s no way those farts produced only gas. Yuck! Toilet Slavery - Neighbor Shae Spreadz Broken Toilet Fart Toilet Paper When I did the neighborly thing and allowed Shae Spreadz to use my toilet after she clogged her own, she made quite a racket in there, but oops, I was out of toilet paper! So I just walked in on her when it sounded as if she was finished, and I made the offer to lick her ass clean. Shae was shocked at my offer at first, but she actually liked the feeling of my tongue lapping her filthy black ass! I must have done a great job since she offered to take me out for drinks afterwards!


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