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Smell Fetish - Alice Frost's Stinky Shoes - Full Length Scene

Description: Alice Frost has been at the gym, and her little feet are boasting a big smell. Oddly, her gym shoes did not pick up the full effect of the stench, so Alice takes it up a notch by farting into her worn out workout footwear. By the time she has had her way with the shoes, they smell like ass, and Alice is pleased. Purchase the full clip for a discount. Includes the following kinky scenes: Shoe Fetish - Alice Frost Sniffing Sneakers After a hearty workout session, Alice Frost returns home and finds she has done a number on her dirty gym shoes. Her sweaty kicks smell rather awful, and Alice is critiquing their odors, finally determining they smell like an amalgamation of seafood and garbage. She’s into the stink, and when the shoes fail to sate her insatiable hankering for stench, Alice goes straight to the source! She gets her bare tootsies up to her nose and gives them the ultimate sniff test. Yep, they are much worse, which seems to impress Alice no matter how much she feigns disdain! Farting - Alice Frost in Sneakers Alice Frost is a lady of many interests, and her kinks are cool. She is totally into her own smells and is tickled pink when her feet smell foul after a workout, but the shoe smell could be more distinct, for her liking. To remedy this, Alice does what she does best and farts into the gym shoes to get them good and smelly. With every ass bark, she brings the shoes to her nose to catch a whiff, and this gassy girl is delighted when her farts furnish more than a faint smell in the dirty kicks!


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