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Giantess - Shrinking Tiny Man and Imprisoning Him in My Womb Unbirthing

Description: ***SPECIAL REQUEST*** I find a tiny man on my chair. My special shrinking potion has worked! I take him in my hands and now I can do whatever I want to him. I can eat him or step on him or even flush him down the toilet, but I have an even better idea. I spread my legs and I put him inside my pussy. He's wanted inside for so long, but he never thought it'd be like this! I push him all the way up inside my uterus. The womb was once so comforting, home for his first nine months. But now my body is his prison, trapped inside my warm dark feminine space.
Runtime: 05:33
Categories: Giantess Fetish, Special Request
Tags: giantess, giantess porn, giantess butt
Views: 9828


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