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Giantess Lucky Starr Shrinks Her Boss - Full Length Scene

Description: Giantess Lucky Starr slipped her boss some shrinking potion, and she has some kinky plans for them. Everything goes as planned until he cums too soon, and she is compelled to punish him with her massive gassers. Purchase the full clip for a discount. Includes the following kinky scenes: Giantess Lucky Starr Fucks Her Shrunken Boss Star employee, Lucky Starr, put shrinking potion in her boss’ coffee, thereby rendering him very, very tiny! She can totally have her way with him now, and she is going to, despite the fact his cock is basically microscopic. She wants him to eat her out first, and after he has engaged in a ration of oral servitude, she is going to let him screw her. That is, if she doesn’t drown him in her pussy juices first! Giantess Lucky Starr's Anal Sex With Shrunken Boss Once Lucky Starr has shrunk her boss down to a super tiny micro man size, she is not letting opportunity go to waste. She had him stick her miniature dick inside of her pussy, but now she is in the mood for some ass play. Her ass hole is so tight, his small dick actually makes her feel pretty fantastic. So she has a blast until he cums too soon. This menacing giantess did not receive that too well at all! Giantess Lucky Starr Punishes Premature Ejaculator With Her Farts Giantess Lucky Starr shrunk her boss to micro man form, and she had some crazy fun with him until he came too soon. Now, this premature ejaculator is going to receive some punishment for his quick-drawing dick cumming on her ass. She is going to cover his entire body in her farts. She is so gassy, and given his small size, she is going to completely douse him in her extreme ass odors.


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