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Crossdressing - Spanking Blind Date

Description: I am SO nervous about my blind date. We met on the internet, and you know sometimes people aren't who they say they are… I answer the door and Jimmy's there, about 20 years older than his picture! I thought he was in his 30s, but he's got grey hair! Jimmy tries to defend himself and even suggests we still go out… but no way in hell am I going to be seen with an ugly old man like him. I tell him I have a better idea, we'll stay in. I tell Jimmy to undress and he gets excited. The more clothes he takes off, the more disgusted I am with him. When he pulls off his underwear, the thinks he's getting his tiny cock fucked. But instead I have another pair of underwear for him - my mother's red satin & lace panties. If that isn't ridiculous enough looking, I make Jimmy put on her red velvet dress. Jimmy sure as hell isn't getting laid tonight, this piece of $hit is getting a spanking. I make him bend over on the couch and whack his ass with my paddle, spewing all the verbal degradation a dickwad like Jimmy deserves for lying to hot chicks like me on the internet. When I've had it with his sorry ass, I make him leave in her dress so all my neighbors will see that pathetic excuse of a man Jimmy Broadway. Contains: Forced Feminization, Forced Crossdressing, Forced Stripping, Spanking F/M, Paddle, Verbal Humiliation, Age Humiliation, Fat Humiliation, Small Penis Humiliation / SPH, Female Domination / Femdom / Fem Dom, High Heels, Ponytail


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