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Bi - Truth or Dare

Description: I’m hanging out with you and your friend, and you suggest a game of truth or dare. The scene enters after we’ve gone a few rounds, and its my turn to pick. The last truth you guys gave me was awful, so I’m gonna take my chances on DARE this time. Wait… you want me to get naked and fuck both of you? That’s a little extreme, isn’t it? You’re really taking things to the next level now. Okay… well I’ll do it. But you guys have to do something for me first. I want you to kiss each other. Full on making out, tongue action, everything - and I’ll take my dress off. I’m not even wearing a bra. Its just a little kissing, and I know you’re both straight but nobody has to know except me. Its totally worth it, isn’t it? How does it feel to have facial hair rubbing up against your face? Does a guy’s tongue taste any different from a girl’s? Okay, well I’ll hold up my end of the bargain - off goes my dress. I’ve still got my thong panties on though, and if you want those off I just wanna see one more thing. You have to suck your friend’s cock. It really turns me on to watch two guys together. Consider it part of our foreplay, it’ll get my pussy nice and wet for your dick. Its not gonna make you gay if you’re doing it to get pussy. Don’t be scared, put the head in your mouth… suck it like I suck my finger, see? Damn, you must be pretty good, your friend seems to be really enjoying this! Oh my god, he’s gonna cum - I want you to swallow it all, every last drop! Do it and I’ll take off my panties and you’re free to have at me. How does that cum taste? Nasty, huh? Now you know why your girlfriends never want to swallow! Oh wait, I forgot I have a hair appointment, and I really need to get going. I can’t believe you actually thought I was gonna fuck you… Well at least one of you got off!
Runtime: 10:20
Categories: Female Domination, POV
Views: 1935


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