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Armpit Fetish - Alex Chance Didn't Pay Rent (Part 1)

Description: Alex Chance is the worst roommate. It was her turn to pay the rent this month but she completely forgot and she doesn't even seem to care! Now the landlord is threatening to kick us out but all Alex wants to do is lounge around on the couch. I'm at my wit's end with her and she needs to be punished. Maybe if I have her do something so bizarre, disgusting and humiliating that'll finally teach her a lesson. I lift up my arms and tell Alex she's going to clean my sweaty pits with her tongue. Alex protests but she's not a fighter. Still, the look of misery on her face says it all. I don't wear deodorant so Alex's mouth is quickly saturated with my salty funk. Alex looks so pathetic, it *almost* makes up for her laziness...
Runtime: 03:40
Categories: Armpit Fetish, Lesbian Domination
Tags: armpit fetish, lesbian domination
Views: 20163


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