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Sweat Fetish - Risika Dominates a Wimp After Workout - Full Length Scene

Description: One does not go to the gym with Risika and under-perform! Just ask her boyfriend. After he proved to be a total wimp at the gym, she exposed him to her sweatiest places, and the poor guy got an overdose of perspiration, courtesy of her sweat-drenched shorts, gassy ass and damp feet! Purchase the full clip for a discount. Includes the following kinky scenes: Face-Sitting - Wimp's Post-Gym Ass-Sniffing with Risika Fitness guru Risika is a sinister girl, and she does not put up with losers at the gym. When she took her guy with her to work out, the wimp did not even break a sweat. When they got back to the apartment, she cuffed him so she could administer some positive reinforcement to the man. She wanted him to get to know how a real athlete sweats, so she plopped her ass on his face, making him sniff the sweat that collected in her short pink shorts. Sniffing her ass proves to be pretty gross, but she has no intention of letting up! Health is important to her, and she has no room in her life for slackers! Farting - Risika's Post-Gym Face-Sitting Humiliation During a post-workout punishment from Risika, a wimpy chap has been made to sniff her sweaty ass, but that is not all she has in store for this slacker. Since he did not even break a sweat at the gym, she focused on not only punishing him with the smell of her sweaty tush and shorts; Risika also wants to humiliate this guy. With his wrists cuffed, Risika stays seated on his face and pushes stinky farts in his direction! This is beyond disgusting, but she must do something to get this guy to be more productive at the gym. Ass Sniffing - Risika's Post-Gym Sweat Domination “Be a good bitch and get on your knees,” is what Risika says to her cuffed boyfriend during a daunting punishment session after he failed to perform at the gym. After sitting on his face to expose him to her stinky ass, she plans to now pull her tight pink shorts down and make him sniff straight from the source! He must get his nose up nice and close to her sweaty, smelly ass pucker. This is the only way she knows how to teach him how important fitness should be to him. Foot Fetish - Wimpy Guy's Post-Gym Foot Cleaning with Risika Just when Risika’s lazy boyfriend thought his punishment for under-performing at the gym was nearing an end, he’s made to smell and taste something worse than her sweaty, fartty ass! Her feet are way worse, so since she is the only one who actually got in a good workout, she is going to expose him to a healthy dose of sweat so he knows how much people are supposed to perspire when working out. He gets her gym sock stuffed in his mouth, and he must also lick her arches and toes, which is absolutely disgusting.


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