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Sweat Fetish - Dirty Pits and Feet with Gia Love - Full Length Scene

Description: Gia Love and I are sweaty from an afternoon at the pool and are going to get cleaned up the fun way and shun boring showers! Using our tongues in armpits and on feet, we delight in our salty sweat, savoring every unhurried lick. Purchase the full clip for a discount. Includes the following kinky scenes: Armpit Fetish with Sweaty Gia Love Poolside lounging has left me and Gia Love so sweaty and smelly. Our armpits are especially rank, and we compare our smelly pits before deciding to taste the salty sweat while we get our nasty pits clean! As we trade underarm tonguing services, we find the action is a bit ticklish, but the intriguing tastes are not as bad as one would think! Licking is such a rousing way to get clean, though our antics do leave us with some pretty foul breath! Foot Fetish - Dirty Cleaning with Gia Love Cleaning Gia Love’s body and allowing her to do the same to mine has to include all the parts, even stinky, sweaty feet! Her feet are first on deck as I get my nose up close to her soft arches to smell all the sweat on her supple skin. Playing with her tootsies is such a turn-on, and I am soon ready to have my feet worshipped by her gentle mouth! I don’t want to get her feet too clean, or I will not be able to smell them later! Gia does a much better cleansing job, as she runs her tongue up the length of my foot, using her spit to lube my foot bottom.


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