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Smell Fetish - Tiny Ebony's Sexy Smell Buffet - Full Length Scene

Description: Tiny Ebony’s scent buffet proves to be quite the sight! She’s sniffing all of her most aromatic places, and she is having a blast doing so, using her panties to rub her pussy and pits, and her socks to rub her ass before she licks farts off of her bare feet! Purchase the full clip for a discount. Includes the following kinky scenes: Smell Fetish POV - Tiny Ebony Sniffs Stinky Panties and Armpits Dirty Tiny Ebony is a bit sweaty and stinky, and she wants to inhale a few whiffs of her dirtiest places. After removing her stinky panties, she happily sniffs the cotton underthings, breathing in her signature pussy and ass scents. With the panties discarded, Tiny even rubs her pretty, shaved pussy and sniffs her slender fingers. Once she has a healthy dose of her nether scents, she moves on to her stinky armpits and rubs them with her panties and white tank top. It’s a scent explosion at Tiny’s place! Smell Fetish - Tiny Ebony Sniffing Socks and Feet What a hot little kinkster Tiny Ebony is! She is such a cutie, and she loves indulging in her own scents. After taking her socks off of her stinky feet, she rubs them on her ass and brings them up to her nose to sniff her own ass on the socks! This is beyond sexy because her black rosebud does not smell too fresh, and neither do the socks, so this is quite a nasty amalgamation, and Tiny loves it! Farting - Tiny Ebony Licking Farts Off Her Feet Kinky Tiny Ebony loves indulging kinks, and she is all about getting down and dirty when she needs to pass gas! With nothing on her mouthwatering body, she is farting on her pristine white couch and decides to even fart on her own sexy feet! How fun! After she shoots herself in the foot, she brings it up to her nose to sniff her signature stink on the hoof! In addition to all of this sexy fun, the views of Tiny's amazing ass are second to none!


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