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Mouth Fetish - Katt Lowden's Bad Breath - Full Length Scene

Description: Breath this bad is unbelievable! Beautiful Katt Lowden’s breath is simply awful, and while I cannot put a finger on what caused the smell, I do try to kiss the stink right out of her sexy mouth! Purchase the full clip for a discount. Includes the following kinky scenes: Mouth Fetish - Why Does Katt Lowden's Breath Stink? Katt Lowden’s breath is the worst I have ever smelled! We need to figure out what the issue is with her pretty mouth smelling so foul. At the risk of embarrassing her, I give Katt’s kisser a complete sniff test in an attempt to determine what makes her mouth smell like garbage. She claims it is nothing she ate, but something had to cause this fetid scent wafting from her pie hole! Kissing - Fixing Katt Lowden's Bad Breath Let me see how I can remedy Katt Lowden’s foul-smelling breath. We have not been able to nail down how her breath became so disgusting, but we are hopefully going to be able to apply a fix to the situation. Kissing her seems like a good idea! As much as I love kissing her, I must take frequent breaks to relieve myself from the stink emanating from her mouth!


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