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Mouth Fetish - Close Up Bad Breath Yawning

Description: This is a very intimate video with sensual but loving domination tones, what I'd do if you were my boyfriend who loved my stink mouth... What time is it? I awaken groggily, I must have fallen asleep on the couch. I'm glad you're home... I yawn wide and realize my breath must stink, I'm sorry. What do you mean you like it? You want to smell more? Come close, look down the back of my throat before my hot stink breath fogs your view. Ew, I can smell it, it smells like something died in there. I lean closer and giggle as I cover your face in my stink breath until its the only air you're breathing. Your only relief is when I take another breath, the fog slightly lifts and you can catch a glimpse of my tonsils, uvula and the back of my throat.
Runtime: 05:15
Tags: mouth fetish, bad breath, bad breath fetish, uvula fetish, tonsil fetish, pov, fetish porn
Views: 2962


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