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Lesbian Worship with Nilaya - Full Length Scene

Description: With a girlfriend as hot as Nilaya, it’s a wonder I leave the bedroom at all! I am worshipping every inch of her body, and she does with mine. Donning sexy lingerie, we navigate all of our curves, paying special attention to our necks, bellies, and of course, our asses! When rimming one another, we are driven wild with ecstasy and would love you along for the ride. Purchase the full clip for a discount. Includes the following kinky scenes: Kissing - Nilaya I just love everything about my time with Nilaya. I love her soft mouth, and the softness of her body. I love the way she understands me, and makes me feel good as only another woman can. I love the way our two bodies - mine pale and hers such a rich brown - look together, and the way they merge into such a swelter of warm fury as we kiss, kiss, and kiss some more. I cannot take my mouth off this beautiful woman, and I don't want her to take her mouth off me... Throat Fetish - Licking Nilaya I can't resist a soft, supple neck like Nilaya's. I want to lick her, suck her, bite her... fill my mouth with the flavors of her neck and throat. Just when I've licked every inch of her throat, Nilaya insists on tasting me with her pierced tongue. From my collarbone all the way to my chin, Nilaya's soft mouth covers me in kisses, licks and a little spit. Delicious. Belly Fetish - Belly Licking with Nilaya There aren't many things in life that I enjoy more than Nilaya nuzzling her picture perfect face in my belly. My answer to "Does it feel good?" was actually a lie because it felt fucking amazing. Looking down and seeing her mop of hair, moving up and down my torso is a sight to behold. My body contorts uncontrollably as she continues to work on my flat stomach, I can only close my eyes and squirm. Eager to reciprocate, my animal instincts take over, running my teeth against her mid section. Not a single inch of her belly was left dry. Ass Sniffing - Ass Sniffing with Nilaya If there is one thing I'd change about Nilaya - and there sure as hell isn't much I would - it's that she is always wearing too much clothing for my liking. I like it when she has her butt out. Don't we all? In particular, I like smothering myself in it. It's comparable to smelling a flower, she's that delightful. Ass Licking - Ass Licking with Nilaya Spreading my legs as wide as I could, the anticipation of Nilaya's warm tongue deep in my ass was overwhelming. The hot sensation inside my puckering ring filled me with this unrivaled sense of pleasure. "It fucking feels good everywhere" is just about as best as I could describe it as it indeed was, this unparalleled experience that satisfied every bone in my body. Nilaya's tongue swirls frantically in and around my anus as I try my best to keep it together when really, I just want to scream and ravish her. Facesitting - Pussy Eating with Nilaya Getting eaten out by Nilaya is right up there with my most memorable sexual experiences. The way she maneuvers her sloppy tongue around my tight pussy is out of this world. I won't try to describe it, as words simply cannot do it justice! Nilaya spreads my white butt cheeks and gets a whiff of my juicy ass. My asshole moves in and out, inches from her face; desperately begging for her to ravish it greedily. She obliges and pleasures me with a toe curling rim job before turning her focus back on my pink pussy. I'm in the clouds at this point and lose my body to the adrenaline of her passionate licking. I wobble like a madman before getting off and tasting my pussy and my ass from the lips of Nilaya. I return the favor and eat her out, making sure her temple isn't left deprived of the pleasure I just experienced. That sex bunny couldn't get her hands off me and went down on me again when I was deep into her pussy! Needless to say we both got the attention we craved!


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