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Lesbian - Creepy Personal Trainer with Whitney Morgan - Full Length Scene

Description: Personal training is a sweet gig when one gets to work with bubbly blondes who sweats a ton! Whitney Morgan is easily convinced that I am doing what is best for her as I sniff and lick her sweatiest parts, including her stinky feet! Purchase the full clip for a discount. Includes the following kinky scenes: Face Sitting - Whitney Morgan's Ass Sniffing, Creepy Personal Trainer Whitney Morgan’s ass is cute as heck, and I kinda like the smell of that padded tush! Lucky for me, as her personal trainer, I can steal some sniffs of her booty when working on her form. She wants her ass in top shape, which I can help her accomplish. Why not have some fun and indulge my smell fetish in the process? Her butt looks good enough to taste, but for now, all I get are some sneaky sniffs when I talk her into squatting on my face! Poor girl thinks she’s following protocol, when she’s actually engaging in some kinky face-sitting! Armpits - Creepy Personal Trainer Licks Whitney Morgan Whitney Morgan makes it way too easy for me to indulge in my kinks by convincing her to let me give her some “extras” with her personal training session. After I have sniffed her nice, round ass, I can’t wait to taste her armpits! I feed her some lines about the science behind cleaning her pits helping her workouts have more of an effect on her overall well-being. She’s buying my lines, and I get to lick both of her shaved pits and sniff the sweat in her sexy underarm bends! Foot Worship - Creepy Personal Trainer Cleans Whitney Morgan I’m getting sexy Whitney Morgan cleaner, one lick at a time! Her sweat smells divine, and I end her personal training session by convincing her I can help her by licking her feet! She’s so sweet and innocent and lets me get her feet clean with my tongue. Whitney is fully unaware that all this hot lesbian licking is for my benefit. Oh, how I love sniffing and licking her feet, as my foot fetish needs indulging, and she thinks she’s just being pampered!


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