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Giantess - Tiny Ebony's Tiny Time - Full Length Scene

Description: What’s a horny giantess to do when she finds a swarm of micro-men on her floor? She has fun with them, of course! Tiny wants to have them play with her nipples and pussy before she blasts them with her obnoxious farts! Purchase the full clip for a discount. Includes the following kinky scenes: Giantess - Tiny Ebony's Tiny Gangbang Giantess Tiny is going to have some fun with the micro men she discovered in her living room. What a treat! She is absolutely tickled pink to have these eager little men treating her most sensitive body parts to some kinky play! She has the teeny, tiny guys playing with her nipples, pussy and ass, and treats them to the sweet nectar that is spilling from her pink slit. She is not going to let these little guys get away - they are simply too much fun! Giantess Tiny Ebony's Not-So-Tiny Farts Don't mistake Tiny Ebony for a kind giantess! She is rather sinister when she wants to be, and when she tears into her army of micro-men, they are in for quite a serving of stink! She farts on the tiny fellows, and their minuscule bodies are covered in her filthy stink! She says farting on them makes her pussy wet, but hopefully not too wet, as these guys are so small, an aroused pussy is like a geyser to them!


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