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Farting - Turning Shae Spreadz into a Butt Plug - Full Length Scene

Description: Farting in front of others is deemed taboo by Shae Spreadz, so when she complains about me ripping a few during a party planning session, I decide to teach her a lesson. I’m going to use my magic powers to transform this tall, slender ebony into a cold, plastic butt plug! Let’s see how she feels about the smell when she is lodged in my ass! Purchase the full clip for a discount. Includes the following kinky scenes: Farting - Shae Spreads Bitches About the Smell Shae Spreads only farts in private - yeah right! She is so annoying when we come together at my place to plan our impending epic soiree, and she is on my case about farting in front of her. Everybody does it! I’m not sure why she is so thrown by something that comes so natural! We don’t let it get in the way of party planning, but Shae is giggling like a school girl every time I release a gasser. Guess I should have worn panties, so the sound and smell were at least a little muted for this uptight gal! Farting - Shae Spreads Became My Butt Plug When Shae Spreads complains about me farting in front of her, I let her in on a little secret: I have been newly anointed with magic powers! That’s right, I can turn her into whatever I’d like, and I’m thinking turning her into a butt plug is going to teach her how the smell of my farts in the air wasn’t so bad compared to what she is going to go through while she is turned into a stiff, black butt plug and shoved inside my ass. Her complaining gets her nowhere! I’ve decided to leave her secured in my ass and head out to our party - after stopping for Mexican food, of course! Get ready, Shae!


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