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Farting - Sorority Toilet Slavey With Michelle Malone

Description: Its Michelle Malone's first day at the sorority house. On our tour of the house, we stop in the bathroom so I can demonstrate how the toilet slave works. This lowly creature lives in our bathroom, his only task in life to lick us clean after we relieve ourselves. No matter how good a job he does, we ruin it in mere hours, leaving him an endless amount of work. I demonstrate first, sitting on the toilet and farting. When my ass is empty, I stand up and spread my ass. The sorority toilet slave gets to work, devouring any filth left on my behind. Michelle takes a try, blasting gas into the toilet. She then spreads her ass and the toilet slave uses his tongue like a sponge on her dirty asshole. When Michelle's ass is sparkling clean, we continue our tour of the house, leaving our toilet slave to eagerly await his next meal.


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