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Farting - Risika's Fart Domination in Shiny Pants - Full Length Scene

Description: No money, more problems! That’s the deal for a Risika’s boyfriend when he did not pay a parking ticket, and Risika had to pony up the funds for this loser who needs to be punished. She will fill his face and cover his dick with her awful farts in addition to using him as a human footrest. Purchase the full clip for a discount. Includes the following kinky scenes: Farting - Risika Face and Dick Farting in Shiny Pants Hard-working Risika grew tired of her boyfriend’s hapless ways. He failed to pay a parking citation, and she had to overdraw her account to take care of the outstanding fine. To punish him for his carelessness, she opts to plop on his face and pass farts into his mouth and nose. Sure, they are filtered through her shiny blue pants, but that does little to combat the stench. When his face as been invaded, Risika moves down south to his dick and stinks up his prized possession as well! Farting - Risika Farts on Her Guy's Dick and Uses His Face as a Footrest Fail to pay a parking ticket under Risika’s watch, and the outcome is quite dismal! After she paid her boyfriend’s fine, she felt as though he needed to be taught a lesson. Farting on his dick sounded just about right, but she upped the ante and stuck stinky feet in his face and mouth to heighten the smell punishment she was so intent on issuing. Needless to say, the hapless chap got a mouthful!


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