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Farting - Little Mina Doms Pregnant Layla Moore - Full Length Scene

Description: Sassy Layla Moore went out and got herself pregnant, and her longtime girlfriend, Little Mina, had a hard time accepting her babe's indiscretion. She used her stinky ass to dole out a dastardly punishment that included Miss Moore consuming her lady's nasty farts. Purchase the full clip for a discount. Includes the following kinky scenes: Little Mina Punishes Pregnant Layla Moore With Farts Little Mina cannot get over the fact that her lesbian lover, Layla Moore, got pregnant the first time she sampled some dick. So in an effort to punish her cheating minx, she decided to make Layla smell her dirty farts. Yuck!! Layla begged her babe to just get over it, but clearly Mina has an axe to grind, and some ass to keep busy. Fart Sniffing With Pregnant Layla Moore and Little Mina "My Farts are not going to smell themselves," Little Mina says to a very pregnant Layla Moore. This is a prime example of Little Mina being so sinister because her ass smelled so awful, and poor Layla gags and snorts throughout this dirty endeavor. Mina insists she keep her nose stationed between her stinky cheeks, and Layla must oblige. Farting - Little Mina Face Farts on Pregnant Layla Moore Little Mina is not going to easily get over her lesbian lover, Layla Moore, getting pregnant. She wanted to punish a slutty Layla in any way she could, and exposing the pregnant BBW to her nasty farts was one way she went about seeking retribution. Poor Layla had to endure a surplus of foul smells as Mina sat on her face and made her sniff up ass. Pregnant Layla Moore Licks Little Mina's Farts In her quest for a total punishment to her cheating girlfriend, Little Mina made pregnant Layla Moore lick her farts. There is something wrong with a lesbian getting pregnant, and Mina wants to make sure Layla sees the error of her ways. Eating Mina's disgusting farts made the momma-to-be so sick to her stomach!


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