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Farting - Grossed Out by Stinky Farts Ageplay Cosplay

Description: Today I'm wearing my cute little yellow dress, but my tummy feels so weird, like there's something brewing inside me just waiting to come out! I bend over to show you my cute pink panties, and to my surprise, a loud fart comes out! Farts are so gross, girls aren't supposed to be so yucky. But my farts make me giggle, and I think my tummy is starting to feel better - so I better let out more of my gas. I bend over to let loose another fart, and it really smells so bad! I'm farting so much now, but tummy still hurts, it must have been something my mommy made for dinner. I decide to take my panties down, so that you can watch my butt hole expand as I push more nasty farts out of my ass. The more I toot, the better I feel!


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