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Farting - Farting in Jeans on the Couch

Description: I start to get that dreaded stomach grumble as I'm relaxing on the sofa. That grumble can only mean one thing… I'm gonna have to fart! After I let one loud rumbling fart loose, I realize that this is only the beginning! I'm so glad I'm alone in the house, because my gas smells horrible, and it's so loud! That's what I get for eating Mexican food, and now I'm paying for it alright! I can smell my nasty farts through my jeans, so I know they're really bad… but my stomach hurts, and I can't stop letting them loose. My smelly farts are just pushing their way out, one after the other, and there's nothing I can do to stop them! Contains: Girls Farting, Burping, Couch, jeans Fetish, Ass Fetish, Smell Fetish, Pink Bra, Blonde, Petite


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