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Belly Fetish - Kim Chi Breaking Office Dress Code - Full Length Scene

Description: Office etiquette is lost on cute Kim Chi, as she continually wears inappropriate attire that shows off her flat, kissable belly. Her boss has warned her, and her job is not as secure as she’d hoped, but before she’s booted out of there, she gives her boss a sample of the sexy belly he has been ogling. Purchase the full clip for a discount. Includes the following kinky scenes: Belly Fetish - Kim Chi Violates Dress Code Midriff-bearing Kim Chi continually violates the dress code at work. Watch her in a series of immodest outfits that show off her sexy, flat belly while she works. These getups are more suitable for the nightclub than company headquarters, but Kim repeatedly ignores her boss’ warnings. She may not be enjoying a regular paycheck if she cannot learn to cover up that belly! Belly Fetish - Kim Chi's Boss' Belly Domination Kim Chi’s boss had to let her go for repeatedly violating the dress code. She has been dressing far too slutty, bearing her belly and all. This is nowhere near right for the office, but when she receives the news that she’s fired, she suggests to her boss that he worship the sexy belly he has been staring at for so many days in a row. He obliges and treats her tiny belly and navel to a series of licks and kisses. She doesn’t seem phased a bit that her next move is a stop at the unemployment line!


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