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Bad Breath - Verta Taylor Fixes Boyfriend's Bad Breath - Full Length Scene

Description: Verta Taylor has a low threshold for mouth odor, so when she arrived home from the gym, and her boyfriend’s breath was atrocious, she had him do some licking to hopefully remedy the problem. She directed him to start with her sweaty armpits, and when that did not work, he was told to move down to her stinky feet! Purchase the full clip for a discount. Includes the following kinky scenes: Armpit Fetish - Verta Fixes Her Guy's Bad Breath Svelte Verta is home from the gym feeling rather sweaty, but what smells even worse than her exposed armpits is her boyfriend’s horrendous breath! She decides they need to do something about it, so she has him lick her sweaty pits, hoping he does not make her smell like his bad mouth odor! She giggles as she obliges, despite the fact all of this is quite disgusting! Foot Fetish - Verta Fixes Her Guy's Bad Breath When Verta’s boyfriend’s breath is bad, it is really bad! She came home from the gym and instantly, she was grossed out by his awful mouth odors. She tried getting him to lick her armpits to improve his breath, but that did not work, so she suggested he worship her feet. Perhaps licking her sweaty toes and arches will make his mouth taste better. Verta said she would rather make out with her stinky feet than him, so anything would be an improvement at that point!


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