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Ass Sniffing - Ass Smelling Competition with Kat Garcia

Description: Kat and I are working hard to keep our bodies in shape, but I end up needing a break after working up a sweat in her hot living room. Since we’re so sweaty, I can’t help but start to wonder how our asses smell and which smells worse. Kat is curious too, so is accommodating when I decide to pull her leggings down her big, tight ass. Wow! She smells good. That sweet, sweaty scent fills the air before I even spread her cheeks. I give her a scent sample on my finger so she can smell her own ass before seeing how mine smells. It’s so interesting how we both smell so strongly, but so differently. Both smell good to us, so it’s hard to determine whose is better! I decide to put us to the smell test and get both our scents on two of my fingers. It’s so fun to compare and also to have a good reason to knead my fingertip into Kat’s fine ass hole! Once I have saturated two fingers with the scent, I mix them together, and the amalgamation of our scents is awesome. Before we’re through, I decide to get one of my fingers totally covered in my signature scent and then rub it into her ass so she can go about her day with her ass smelling like both of us. Working out with Kat is always a blast, even when we’re not burning a surplus of calories!


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