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Anal - Crossdressed Beer Bottle Fuck

Description: Another Friday night alone drinking beer, perving at the computer? But something's not right, is it? Have you jerked off to so much porn that masturbation has actually gotten boring? That's why you're here with me tonight, so over the 'same old same old' you'll do anything I say just for the hell of it. We're gonna entertain each other tonight... and let's start with your girlfriend's panties. There's nothing funnier in my book than a manly man like you wearing women's lingerie. Go on, slip 'em on, feel your junk all smashed in her tight panties? Stand up, do a little spin for me. Well well, aren't you pretty enough to be fucked? Now its time to get real interesting, grab one of those beer bottles from your desk. You're a little tipsy now, aren't you? Its the perfect excuse to stick that bottle deep inside your ass, but first we'll start with some foreplay. Show me your cocksucking skills on your glass 'boyfriend' and get him nice and lubed up with spit before you penetrate your man-pussy. Once your ass is open, place the bottle on your chair and have a seat... let's see how deep you can fill yourself while you stroke your cock. I give you jerk off instruction to cum, can you feel your ass muscles tense around your beer bottle? You'll never look at one the same again. Better hope you didn't stretch out your girlfriend's panties... you wouldn't want her knowing about your "boring" Friday night, now would you?
Runtime: 12:13


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