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Age Regression - Stepsister Regresses You Back to Sperm

Description: *CUSTOM* You think because our parents are out of town, you're in charge? Little did you know I slipped something in your drink earlier, and in no time you've younger than me! Look how big those pants are, they're falling off and revealing your little boner. I thought I was your annoying little stepsister, but who's got the hots for me now? I give you some jerk off instruction and let you visually enjoy my sexy body. Wow, this stuff was strong, you're getting younger and younger! Pretty soon you're a cute little baby, grabbing at my tits trying to breastfeed. Wanna suckle little step brother? I bet our neighbor could babysit you... she's always had a crush on you but now she's gonna change your diaper and see your little pee pee. Wait, you're getting even younger - you're inside of my womb! You're not even born yet and my belly is swollen, about to deliver this bun in my oven. Oh its happening again, you're not even conceived yet... wait, I think you've regressed all the way back to being a sperm inside of my boyfriend's balls. Should I invite him over tonight? Let him cum deep inside my pussy so you can be born through your stepsister's womb? Note: Includes the name 'Andrew.'


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